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​Helping people with fully owned, mortgaged cars or 2nd owner cars get quick cash in countless fastest possible ways for FREE. We also offer truck and second hand car financing for those who are excited to own a pre-loved used vehicle anywhere in the Philippines. With designated branches nationwide!

Product Profile

Ask us about our specialty product, the 1-3 hours car loan. Or know more about car loan without taking your car option (OR/CR Sangla) and auto refinancing / takeout (good for those with at least 70%-80% paid financed units in bank, private lenders, companies and in-house car dealers). 2nd hand car buyers may also get to avail thru our car financing program.

Our Commitment

Thru our efficient yet proven simple client pre-qualification and application processing procedures, we commit to a better and faster loan approval. With borrower cooperation thru simple step by step procedures using interview qualification, we immediately determine who qualifies for a certain product. "Our specialty is to serve."

All you have to do is to fill up our online application form, be patient and we will take it from there. Thru our committed professional marketing assistants, clients get updated from time to time and will immediately get notified what to bring, where to go and what to do if loan will be released. Non-appearance application is now available. Ask us how. - Contact Us!

54+ Nationwide Provider Branches

With an increasing demand to process nationwide car loan applications, our different providers have expanded coverage of catering branches all over the Philippines. Spanning from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao, we can now accept applications even if your are thousands of miles away within the country.

Why Choose Us?

  • Simple - with Auto Loan Philippines, it's like applying to multiple car loan providers in the snap of a finger for FREE.

  • You get the lowest interest rate because we have removed the barrier between your regular loan agent and all existing lenders from banks, private lending companies to private financiers. We make them compete to serve you best.

  • No agent's fee and less hassle because you have someone to assist you all throughout the process of your loan application.

  • We take pride in absorbing all the stress and hustle bustle of your loan application at no extra cost, guaranteed

  • We even offer you our NON-APPEARANCE application online and immediate pre-qualification. 

  • No! we don't deal with loan sharks. Instead, we've scoured the internet and the whole lending industry to give you all available providers including their latest promo low interest rate offers (see latest in our sidebar product updates).

  • Just money when you need it, period! 

  • ORCR Sangla

  • Loan Takeout

  • 2nd Hand Financing

  • Taxi Loan

  • Tricycle Loan

  • PUJ Loan

  • 1-3 Hour Car Loan

  • Truck Collateral

  • Truck Financing

Product Updates

JULY 14, 2018

New promo interest rate of 1.25% (2.0% before) is out. Hurry and apply now to avail

JUNE 3, 2018

Car impounding loan is now open. This is our 1-3 hour car loan offer.

How To's

JUNE 3, 2018

Learn how to apply for our different car collateral loan products now!