1 Hour Car Loan

What Is 1 Hour Car Loan - Impounding?

Car impounding is basically the fastest ever secured loan product in the Philippines today. This being, there will absolutely be corresponding differences compared to ORCR Sangla. First, it is possible to get your cash loan in as fast as 1 hour. Second, it doesn't need so much of the documents and requirements, interviews, providing personal and business references, credentials checking, income source verifications, coborrowers or comakers and other falling-in-the-long-line process. Hence, this is called the 1 hour car loan.


Despite these numerous advantages, we must make it clear that there is no lending company today that offers this type of car loan except for a few private financiers. Luckily, we have one on our side. We must also reiterate that for all the convenience this cash loan product offers, we practically just suggest this as a last minute alternative for emergency cash needs.


Borrowers for this type of loan is ideal for people who own different business. Some of these might be construction companies who need to pay off labor and manpower or fund a special or new project. There are those who cannot resist the need for business expansion while there are those who simply need immediate or emergency payment for bills and other personal finances. This is the best option for loan applicants with multiple vehicles owned who needs quick cash thru fast loan. Meaning, there is no fear of having no means of private transportation for business or personal purposes. Literally, this is the only no hassle process type of car collateral loan.

Who May Apply for 1 Hour Car Impounding Loan?

As mentioned above, we only recommend this type of super fast loan to certain car loan borrowers. Other than what is stated, if you are the type who is keen or sensitive to your privacy and do not want certain people to learn about your loan application, this is perfect for you.


Our private financier had a home office set up where no other marketing personnels, agents nor clients are mostly present and found in an ordinary lending company set up. Mostly, it's just you, the lender / owner and a few handfuls of trusted processing helpers like a mechanic, a secretary, a messenger and a guard outside. 

Pre-Qualifying Requirements:

  • An appointment set at borrower's desired date and time
  • Original copy of OR and CR / car and keys

  • 2 valid IDs of borrower or car owner (or he whose name appears on the deed of sale for 2nd, 3rd... owners)

  • Any latest utility bill