About Us

Specializing in car loan product, Auto Loan Philippines - Sangla ORCR is your one stop collateral pawning agency in Manila, Philippines.  We also cater to assisting credit borrowers from surrounding provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This is done via online application, making the process easy and faster compared to other conventional lending company process.


We assist car, taxi, tricycle, jeepney or truck owners and people looking to own a unit thru our 2nd hand vehicle financing product. See our other list of secured loan and non collateral loan products here.


When you apply with us, it's like submitting your application to multiple lenders in one short process. This is the advantage with availing of our FREE loan application assistance services. Contrary to what many believe, your loan proceeds don't get deductions just to have us earn. We get our commission and profit directly from our providers. This helps us guarantee that there are no hidden charges in your loan. This set-up also helps us serve clients better and make them understand that getting assisted by professional loan brokers or agents like us is actually more of an advantage than a liability. 

This year 2018, we have diversified our services and is offering our specialty product - 1 hour car loan via vehicle impounding and ORCR sangla combined. This new product is currently our most-applied type of secured loan by business owners who need super fast loan process and cash loan proceeds claim. Ideal for quick cash needs and auto owners looking to pawn their vehicle and get cash in as fast as 1-3 hours. This new product is also good for Pinoys with 2 cars or more and Filipinos who are looking for instant cash without the hassle of interviews ang long term procedures.

Sam Casuncad - Managing Director

Duly accredited with multiple top lending companies, banks and private financiers in the Philippines. Sam Casuncad offers 100% FREE assistance as a top agent for different loan products nationwide.


He is widely recognized in the lending industry and by providers to have helped thousands of people get credit line by pawning fully owned vehicle anywhere in the Philippines thru Auto Loan Ph - ORCR Sangla.