Used Car Financing Loan

What is 2nd Hand Car Financing Loan or Acquisition?

Acquiring or buying a dream car does not always come in brand new units. Owning a pre-loved or second hand car is as prestigious in many cases. Like for example if you saw a 2nd hand car that you have always dreamed or getting for yourself. Perhaps a luxury car in the likes of popular brands like Volvo, Mercedez Benz, BMW, Mini Cooper, Ferrari, Ford Mustang or the like.


With our used car financing program, that is now possible even if you don't have the full cash amount to pay for that car you have always dreamed of driving someday. In fact all you need is the right capacity to pay or income source and at least 20% of the full market value or sale amount of that pre-loved car you want to buy and you're good to go. We'd be glad to finance you the remaining amount up to as much as 80%.

Just imagine what leverage to your finances would bring this acquisition program from one of our providers! In fact we have served hundreds upon hundreds of clients who told us that if it were not for this secured loan product, they would not have the liberty to buy a dream car and yet still have some cash allowance to use or finance a business. Yes that's right, with very minimal charges and our new low interest rate offer, all that is now possible. Just ask us how or fill up our form by clicking on the blue link below this article and we'd be glad to help you through the process.

Who May Avail of Our Car Financing Program?

Anybody! And I mean just about anybody with enough source of income or capacity to pay can qualify to apply for our 2nd hand car financing program.


All you have to do is choose a unit first and make sure to ask your car dealer or seller of chosen unit that he or she will allow financing for your desired car. Then let us know the complete specifications like car make or brand, series (ex. Toyota Innova 2.8) / year model / AT or MT / Gas or Diesel... From there we will provide you with the FREE full quotation. Then you submit the documentary requirements as listed below.

Documentary Requirements:

  • Clear copy of OR and CR

  • 2 valid IDs of car dealer or seller and you (or he/she whose name appears on the deed of sale for 2nd, 3rd... owners)

  • 3 months latest proof of income (see and fill up our form for choices)

  • Latest electric or water bill (even if not under your name)

  • Other documents may be needed depending on borrower income & status and car ownership​