What is PUJ Collateral Loan?

We made it clear thru our title that this is not all about acquiring or buying a second hand jeepney. Our PUJ loan is a collateral loan offer for owners with updated franchise and ORCR registrations. We do not tolerate nor accept unregistered vehicles here at Car Loan Philippines - ORCR Sangla.

Currently we regret to inform your that this product is temporarily discontinued for reasons that are obvious - the threat to make obsolete and phased out all jeepneys in the country to be replaced by a more economical and eco-friendly design by the Duterte government. Although there is no assurance as of now, still, our lending company providers are playing it safe so as to continue to not loose their business out of negligence in predicting possible loss in offering this loan product.

Don't worry, in this very page is where we will announce just in case our providers decide to bring back this loan product to the market. Thank you for understanding.